Intro to Grant Systems: The Key to Sustaining Your Nonprofit

If you struggle to win grants consistently and stress about gaining future funding for your nonprofit, this course will introduce you to the Grant System that goes well beyond Grant Writing. By the end of this course, you will identify the phases and elements that are missing in your Grant System.
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About This Product:

Have you always wanted to write a grant, but the task was too overwhelming? 
Have you written several grants, but only got a couple of approvals? 
Have you been rejected so many times and you don’t know why? 
These experiences leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.  
It's not fair that grant writing courses don’t teach you everything you need to know.

This Intro to Grant Systems course is designed for: 
  • the grant professionals (writers, coordinators, managers, administrators) who want to learn grant systems
  • the grant writing consultants who want to bring more value to their clients
  • the CEO who wants to understand the grant system to better lead the team.
Intro to Grant Systems will teach you how to operate all four phases within the grant system so you’ll feel confident to prepare, write, manage and evaluate every grant.
You’ll achieve success by:
• Gaining the right tools to build the Grant System
• Create the game plan to execute the process
• Establish the playbook to coordinate every relationship

Most grant writing courses don’t teach you about the key elements you need to learn to work efficiently, effectively, and productively.  Wouldn’t you like to never have to scramble to get supporting documents, repeatedly remind your team to submit their written parts, or missed a deadline again? 


This Grant Systems training is intended for educational purposes. It is not intended to guarantee grant funding for your organization. If you need additional support, go to to discuss coaching, grant strategic planning, grant writing, grant management services, or post-grant activities.

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Overview of the Four Grant Phases
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The Three Elements in Every Grant System Phase
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Preparedness - Phase I
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Grant Writing
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Grant Management
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Yvonne White-Morey
Jun 04, 2023
Jan is an excellent instructor. Course takes you through the full four phase grant seeking and management system. For those wising to take grant seeking to the next level, this is the course.
Jan Rodusky

I’m Jan Rodusky, founder of Venn There Grants Consulting, LLC, a lifelong grant professional and nonprofit champion. I guide NPOs and NGOs to fix their grant problems by creating Grant Systems and raising more funds to serve more clients.
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I established Venn There Grants Consulting in May 2019 to help grant seekers create or refresh their grant system. A grant system includes not only grant writing but alignment to program design and grants management. 
I have spent my professional career as a grantmaker, grant writer, and program manager in arts & culture, healthcare, and education for over 25 years. I have extensive experience and knowledge in coaching individuals to think strategically, write compassionately, and work intentionally to achieve success in grants. I developed a Grant System to solve my grant struggles in the grant process, including writing, managing, and sustaining programs. My hands-on experience turned into helping others do the same. 

And now I get to share it with you! 

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